I’m often asked why I am called Naz, and have the prefix Mr for my site: My first official registered name is known but to a few, and those few have honoured and respected it, even to me it has become but a thin, almost invisible, wisp in my history. 
I was inscribed Naz virtually from birth, (reference to a lineage) and throughout my life and changes of ‘legal/official’ and ‘unoficial’ identities this has remained constant.
I use Mr Naz for my site as it was the only domain available, all other Naz references were taken. 

My incarnation into this life began through the phallus of an atheist/socialist who lived in strife in the restricting conventions of ‘post-second world war’ austerities.

I was incubated in the womb of a ‘devotee’ protestant; her raison d’être was drinking.

The struggle inside her hatchery became a fight: trying to gain sustenance from a being who did not give it willingly.

After fourteens years spent in the confines of the North of England working classes I escaped to London  becoming  addicted to heroin supporting the ‘habit’ as a rent-boy.  The experiences are recollected in my Roman a’ Clef;  ‘The Darkness Of Snow’ (as yet unpublished- first three chapters can be read, please click  here—-(‘Novel’)

After surviving an imposed ‘Cold Turkey’ withdrawal process  I traveled extensively, mainly to the Mystical East, where in India I lived in a cave at the foothills of the Himalayas for nine months; a significant and portent period; reincarnation.

New personas were initiated  through the years:


A drunkard (which has remained constant)

A period of being a villain.

A Lothario

Ne’er –do-well from periods of ennui.

Writer (Unpublished work ‘The Darkness of Snow”)


‘Well Heeled’, where money flowed like the alcohol I was drinking, with no concern for tomorrow.

An Entrepreneur: various businesses including a ‘porn production’ company.


 2009 -2010: A complete emotional and mental breakdown where the personas flee, the spirit becomes bereft of identity, leaving a dark abyss for the mind to struggle through.

In all of these personas the aesthete remained, the dandy survived, art and literature were retained.

When available, and possible, my eye constantly looked out, and through the camera I saw the world.

Now in my 60’s

Level 1 Btec Diploma in Art & Design with WAES (Westminster Adult Education) (Merit+)
Btec level 2 Art & Design – Photography (Distinction)
Studio Photography Level 1 (Distinction)
Professional Studio Practise Level 2 (Merit+)
Assistant Curator- Miksang Contemplative Photography Course, London

Self Taught in Photoshop and Premier Pro Programmes 

Awarded a scholarship; B.A. Honours in Photography at the University of Westminster.

My work for the Final Degree Show in 2015  ‘Resurrection’ was awarded  ‘The Travis Smith Arts Programme’.

Completed the scholarship; received a B.A Honours Upper 2/1 in Art and Design-Photography.

Offered placements at  Chelsea School of Art- (M.A ‘Fine Art’) and Goldsmiths University- (M.A  ‘Photography and Urban Culture’) and University of Westminster -(M.A. ‘Photography’)

Accepted a place at U.A.L; Chelsea College of Art 2 year course.

Dissertation 2015:
The Pornographic Photograph: A Study Of  The Philosophical, Historical, And Social Elements And Cultural Values That Compose It.

Critical Research Paper 2017-18:
Ars Pornographia: A Brief Investigation into The Cultural Value of Pornography


Art Under Will‘: A collective of ‘occult artists’. Exhibitor/ co-curator. Atlantis Bookshop, Bloomsbury, London

Revelations 1 & 2‘. Solo Exhibition; Flying Dutchman, Camberwell London. An LGBT environment.

2015 July:
Resurrection‘ University of Westminster Final Degree Show, subsequently awarded the ‘Travis Smith Art Programme‘.

2016 October:
Counter Practice’ Gallery  Chelsea School of Art

Several collaborative exhibitions at Chelsea School of Art:

2017 September:
Ravaged House’ at Safe House 2, Peckham London

2017 November:
Transitional Oracular‘: 3 pieces of work; ‘Interminable Eyes on the Keys of Life’; ‘Renaissance Resurrected’; ‘ After Man Ray; Homage to Marquis de Sade’.  MAFA Gallery Chelsea School of Art.

2018 January:
Restricted- Destricted’ (Art Versus Pornography 777) Interim Show Triangle Gallery Space, Chelsea School of Art.

2018 August – September:  
‘Ars Pornographia’, Final Degree Show, Chelsea School of Art. (A filmic abstraction veiling and questioning Porn or Art?) 


O.T.O ; Ameth Lodge Journal; Vol 1; No 1

O.T.O; Ameth Lodge Journal; Vol 1; No 2

Book and catalogue; ‘Revelations 1 & 2. A Symbolical & Allegorical Investigations Into Two Taboos; Bestiality & Necrophilia”.