Artist Statement

My artistic background is in photography, but finding the discipline that comes with formalism of the craft restricting I have, over time, turned my attention to how the practise, along with other disciplines, can be utilised to demonstrate what is in my imaginative territories and the regions of the human conditioning and the sexual predilections accumulated in our zeitgeist.

At one point in my varied careers I had an adult entertainment business and I draw on my pornographic film and photographic archival work, eroticism and fetish imagery. Using these along with appropriated or newly created works I manipulate them through digital technologies to purposefully situate them within new concepts, producing works that investigate the social and theosophical restrictions, (censorships), not only in the arts but of the freedom to express without limitations.

Sex, birth and death, are to me the ‘Holy Trinity’; the primeval, the universal principles are my key concerns and inform much of what I produce, not only visually but within study and research. Sentiments of prescribed, institutionalised emotions are to me secondary and are therefore subordinate in my works, yet, I cannot deny that our history and socio-political ideology welcomes them more readily over our primitive nature!

As such some of my subject matter does offend sensibilities, but I hold with the philosophy; “It is for the artist to create sacrilegious works; to portray the poetry of profanity, the narrative of the irreverent: For sacrilege is necessary; the right to blaspheme is fundamental for free spiritual and artistic adhesion”