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“Ars Pornographia”: A semi-auto biographical and self –voyeuristic film produced for MA Final Degree Show Chelsea School of Art 2018, along with my (critical research paper). An a amalgamation of my archival and recent footage and art work, combined with found and appropriated pieces. A continuation within my practises and research, both historically and contemporary to demonstrate and offer the question; does pornography have artistic/aesthetic merit, and where does it sit within contemporary cultural values deriving from historical sexual representations? 
Pornography, it could be argued, as an aesthetic, moral and juridical category- is a modern invention. (Pornography having entered the common English lexicon in 1857 with the first “Obscene Publications Act).  It could be said pornography has its own distinct genre; an arena for production of historical, gender, and sexual identity knowledge, as well as giving pleasure. As Laura Kipnis posits; ‘Pornography offers a royal road to the cultural psyche.’
Thus ‘art’that is deemed/considered pornographic has, and does draw attention to cultural critiques and social criticism. It also argues the case, not only for the freedom of expression, but the liberty and right to sexual autonomy, and shows and declares,  (ibid) ‘…to what extent “perversion” is a shifting and capricious social category’ 


“I am one of those for whom the world is an eye, interminably on the strand of life; I listen to the rhythm of existence.” (Naz 2017) With homage to Man Ray’s “Indestructible Object”


A piece that would perhaps test my ability and psychology to create something with me as part of the creation, an invention I could put myself into; his head and part torso dressed in my clothes and to be named after a familiar, (dog) that was part of my life for 8 years.