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Eternal Insomnia

Last night I stood by a water source, the fountain of youth, and I dipped my hand into the pool of eternal life and drank the liquid which I will now continue to do for eternity; I am now the sleepless man – the price I have paid- never to enter the realms of dreams, to be eternally awake with no relief from my own consciousness.

In Memoriam of A Dear Friend & Brother.

In my life I have met so few ingenious souls, people of original thought, ones who do not readily subscribe to a clique, and struggle with credulity of the herd, (those who become the shepherd) or accept conformity readily without just questioning; Wlodek was to me, in our intimacy, one of those noble beings; a true Brother and Friend.

It was a privilege to have known him on this earth, and it was a true honour to have spent some times in his company towards the end. When I last saw him in human form we whispered our fond ‘adieus’ for we both knew it was the last earthly encounter. But an even greater honour was bestowed on me when, on the evening of his death, through personal rituals, I held in my arms the last vestige of energy, and shared with my spiritual cohort and muse Sister Lexy, the essence that was Wlodek, grasping hold in vain as it faded from our breasts into the eternal universal wonderment.

And now I declare; – in selfishness and aggrandisement “how much I will miss my dearest friend Wlodek. I am left to recall only imaginative representations of him”.

Thoughts August 2016 (1)

A sip of destitution can be a sweet taste,

A gulp can be a devastating stomach-ache;

A mouthful can be a destructive liquid

That makes us crawl into a black tunnel

What occupies us most when not preoccupied is the occupation of preoccupation.


In a perception I perceived it is useless to perceive without perception


Am ‘I’ the one that pulls the string of ‘I’ and is the tied ‘I’ the ‘Me’ that suggests concepts bound to the leading ‘I’. And is this ‘self’ the ‘I’ that says “Feel Pain Here and There” In that thought, in that place of concepts, suffers and ponders how to rid ‘Itself’ of the anguish and is that the way ‘I’ shall think.


It is necessary to understand one’s own development, and he who knows this history knows how to find the continuity between that which was, that which is and that which will be.

Alcohol disagrees with me but I like the argument.


Of Poets & Poetical Artists

Poets and poetical artists, depicting all realms of the imagination have only one religion (in this sense the conviction of) the solitary disassociation. Would they still be ‘artists’ if they conformed to rites and dogmas? It is their duty to be heretics of every faith, creed and doctrine: to be suspicious of their ‘holy scriptures’ (Naz 2015)

Scent of Liberty, Taste of Freedom

Like an undomesticated crossbred Fox/Hyena I rummage and scavenge in the rubbish bags of life, snorting the stink of your bourgeois denunciations; that what your societal coding rejects; all that is deemed taboo, unsavoury and indigestible.
For in your putrid sacks of rejection is the sweet scent of liberty, and on my tongue the pure taste of freedom and alternatives that your ideology has denied.

Ornamental Eroticism

The urge to ornament one’s face and everything within reach is the start of plastic art. It is the baby talk of painting. All art is erotic. …Loos (Architect b1870; d 1933) grafts an old art-historical theory, that art is ornamental in origin, onto a new psychoanalytical proposition, that it is erotic in origin as well. The first ornament was a simple cross, Loos asserts, which we might interpret as the primary mark of a vertical figure against a horizontal ground: however with the egregious heterosexism…he interprets it as the primordial sign of the heterosexual act: ‘A horizontal dash: the prone woman. A vertical dash: the man penetrating her.” Like this first cross, according to Loos, all subsequent art is driven by “surplus energy” that demands release: “the man who created it felt the same urge as Beethoven; he was in the same heaven in which Beethoven created the Ninth symphony”. This statement is also psychoanalytical in implication: what separates “erotic symbols on the walls” from the Beethoven Ninth is the degree of sublimation in the two acts, a term Loos does not use but often suggests. (Prosthetic Gods Hal Foster: Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 2004)

The Camera Lies

As I look at a photographic image and or filmic view of myself, I can declare that the apparatuses, (the technologies used and their results) are misinforming: They have attempted to mimic me, but can never produce the complete and absolute manifestations of “I”. That image is not me, it is a reconstruction through the lens; the same as a portrait painter portrays his interpretations of the sitter, his own style, his own brush strokes. THUS THE CAMERA LIES: IT, ALONG WITH ITS TECHNOLOGIES, IMPERSONATES THAT WHAT IT ATTEMPTS TO PERSONATE.

A Metaphorical Statement.

“God created the world” is a meaningless metaphorical statement, as are any other abstract paradigms in any other religious, occult, pagan, beliefs or followings. The statement, God created the World stringently controls the behaviour of those who ‘believe’ in it, just as much as the proclamations; ‘It is preordained; it is written in the stars; the cards predict; a cat crossed my path’, all superstitious substitutes over the weakness to find one’s own sovereignty.

What then do we respond to, how do we replace ‘abstract’ entities within in our ‘true and free will’? Where do we find the immanent and reference to who we are?

How do I replace these, -what is considered -‘traditional cognitive/inherited statements’, the metaphysical sentences, and the semantic and semiotic references? I don’t know how to do this, so must declare such ‘sentences/symbols’ to be meaningless, and in this declaration I must admit I no longer know how to respond to them. And in such, if this be the case, if anyone else claims that they know how to respond then I have to say, “you are mistaken, you cling to disciplines/traditions that are untenable, except in the endeavour to discover, through symbolism, your sovereign individual right”. Even so, with deep investigation, the symbols of semantic and semiotic representation become illusions in themselves. And the only way I can prove others are mistaken is to kill them, (which throughout human history has been a very popular mode of defeating an opponent in arguments about meaning, whether physically or psychologically); I understand the charm and attraction of this metaphysical idea. Therefore in this metaphysic (“being qua being”) I am defeated; my metaphysical ‘utterance’, is by its own merit a response to a metaphysical sentence, and all sentences are metaphysical: they are not tied by any magical force to something outside of language by ‘meaning and reference’ but linked to the non-verbal world by behaviour. I am therefore, perhaps, my own scientific experiment. (Naz 2015)

Artist’s Resolution

The interpretation of myths is the artist’s resolution; to translate life beneath its immeasurable, universal aspect; to extract from this existence what we would like to rediscover in ourselves. Allow the interpreter freedom from within the ‘Myth’ to decode the Figures from the Past with “Forces’ constantly rediscovered in the ‘Bygone’ (Naz 2015)

Truth in Silence.

Within magnanimity, lays dignified silence; and in silence lays the aristocracy of the spirit and situated in aristocracy is knowledge; and within knowledge lays power and truth, and in truth we find ourselves: (Naz 2016)

To See; To Know; To Will; To Dare; To Keep Silent.