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Artists in all mediums and historical frameworks that attract and inspire me.

Austin Osman Spare

Austin Osman Spare (1886 -1956) was an English artist and occultist who worked as both a draughtsman and a painter. Influenced by symbolism and art nouveau, his art was known for its clear use of line,[ and its depiction of monstrous and sexual imagery. In an occult capacity, he developed idiosyncratic magical techniques including automatic writing, automatic drawing and sigilization based on his theories of the relationship between the conscious and unconscious self.


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Natasha Merritt


Natasha Merritt

Natacha Merritt (b. 1977) at the age of 20 Merritt published on her website a series of portraits/scenes of her sexual exploits and history. Her first book Digital Diaries (2000) is a highly personal erotic sexual survey at the rise of the digital era.

Works of Joel Peter Witkins


Joel Peter Witkins

Joel Peter Witkins (1939-) Has been cursed as a Satanist for his work: The heroes of his pictures – transsexuals, hermaphrodites, freaks of all ages, genders and nationalities, dead children, animals, old people, and just pieces of bodies, which Witkin shoots in morgues, making different compositions of them: Complex tableaux resonating with extremes of life and death and religious connotations.

Works of Jindřich Heisler

Works of Jindřich Heisler

Works of Jindrich Styrsky


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Jindřich Štyrský (1899-1942) was a painter, poet, editor, photographer, and collagist. His outstanding and varied oeuvre included numerous book covers and illustrations. He also wrote studies of both Rimbaud and Marquis de Sade. He became a member of Devětsil in 1923

Works of Pierre Molinier